▶︎Released on 2017. August. 27th

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“Like baking a bread in your kitchen or handcrafting a shelf on Sunday afternoon, LET’S MAKE MUSIC !!!”

DIY MUSIC COMPILATION Vol.01 TOKYO WONDERLAND features 26 tracks by students and guest musicians of “DIY MUSIC” class at Freedom University, Tokyo Japan. Freedom University is the cultural school in COMMUNE 2nd, where cool people are gathering to create the new culture and the life style of enlightened future from TOKYO to the world. The class is organised by the international sound artist, sawako.

The students are from 19 to 57 years old with totally different backgrounds from musicians, artists, dancers, designers to snow boarder, computer programers, marketing, accounting, YOGA, buddhism monk, anime director, office workers, Chinese medicine doctor, architects and so on. The community, mixed with people who have and don’t have experiences of making music, has vital energy of joy and freedom of creation.

From the students’ tracks who had started to create music 1 months ago with the GarageBand & iPhone to the guest artists’ tracks whose music career is more than 20years. Electronica, ambient, soundscape, game music, techno, lo-fi, guitar, alternative music, creative coding sound art, singing, cinematic, pop song, tango, etc etc. It’s also the good sample to grasp the current Tokyo Underground Electronic music scene.

Enjoy the variety of music with the ephemeral moments of everyday life. Welcome to the wonderland !

▶︎ARTISTS:Doris S, DT Band, shinko, Ayami, yosuke honma, itoken, AntiTech PlusTech, Her Ghost Friend, Tonoto to Seseki, Taishi Kamiya, cayoon, Funwari-chan, Wataru Asada, liff, onigiri, koki hoshi, AOKI,hayato, sawako, Emiri Suzuki, Mana Saturday, atarashi, Soo_, keiko, takeshi nishimoto, Hiromi Yoshimoto, daisuke miyatani, orange+me